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Collaboration Platforms

Our deeply technical relationship with industry pioneers coupled with our extensive experience in Enterprise-Grade technologies positions us ideally to deliver customized solutions, in addition to off-the-shelf products.

Knowledge Management

The challenge for businesses today is to provide the right information quickly leading to relevant knowledge. Knowledge Management enables you to foster a learning culture, allowing information to be distilled for rapid absorbtion. ESL provides solutions for creating and using knowledge to seed lasting innovation and shape future organizational planning. Solutions that work best take into account a multitude of technological, organizational, and cultural factors. The lessons learned at large organizations are adapted for effectiveness in smaller entities by our experienced analysts.

Content Management

Organizations need to comply with internal regulations for the document authoring, modifying, approval and publishing process. That's difficult to manage when content is stored in mail accounts, file systems, databases, and scattered across the network. Enterprise Content Management solutions bring together Documents, Records, Forms, and Webpages into integrated solutions that work harmoniously and manage the complete lifecycle of digital information, from it's creation to archival to destruction. At Expert Systems we've invested years in evaluating and implementing Content Management systems so that our clients get a running start.

Master Data Management

Master Data Management enables the creation of real-time, unified views from data that is fragmented across different systems, such as supply chains, 3rd party CRMs, or ever changing product specifications. ESL's solution make it possible to start small (single business unit) to realize rapid results and before scaling up to enterprise Master Data Management. Our Solution leverages your existing investments in enterprise applications and external data sources by using integration middleware to stitch together a coherent synchronization fabric. Our teams cater to both, your current and future requirements, by applying proven design patterns.

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